Chittaurgarh – an epitome of beauty

About Chittaurgarh:

Chittaurgarh is nestled along the bank of rivers Gambheri and Berach. The grandeur of the Chittaurgarh fort depicts the glory and valor of Rajput history.

It was known to be the capital of Mewar. Chittaurgarh was ruled by the Sisodia Dynasty. Chittaurgarh Fort is known to be the largest one in India and attracts various tourists.

Emperor Akbar installed the statues of some of the warriors depicting their bravery in the war. People recall the name of Chittaurgarh by the names of Rani Padmini and Rani Karnavati due to the Jauhar that they underwent to save themselves from invaders.

Rajasthan is very famous for its heroism Valor and amazing Rajput history. There are many tourist spots to visit in Rajasthan and apart from the major attractions Vijay stambh and Kriti stambh are some of the places to visit.

The beauty of Rajasthan is very well defined by Rajput history. Many tourist spots are historical edifices.

Chittaurgarh fort was built in the 7th century AD and was ruled by the Mewar rulers. It stands tall to be UNESCO world heritage.

It possesses 65 structures, two towers and there are seven gates in the fort complex.

Things to do in Chittaurgarh:

  1. Rajasthan is very well known for its handcrafted jewelry, bags and purses.
  2. You should definitely go to the Rana Sanga market to witness its display of local and handcraft.
  3. You can’t miss visiting Chittaurgarh on the eve of Teej or on the Jauhar Mela.
  4. You can avail some of the best packages to explore the city and to know its beautiful historical importance.

History of Chittaurgarh:

History of Chittor or can be called as Chittaur, is one of the most exciting chapters in the history of Rajasthan. The Chittaur is one of the most beautiful blends of sacred walls, divine art and music and heroism.


In 1303 the Sultan of Delhi, Allauddin Khilji was immensely impressed by the wit and charm of Rani Padmini.

Sultan’s army surrounded the fort with soldiers and sent a message to Rana Rattan Singh that he would definitely spare the city if he gets a chance to meet the queen Padmini. Sultan wanted to see the glimpse of Rani Padmini because of her beauty and her charm.


Rana Ratan Singh was rescued; however, 7000 Rajput warriors died. At last, Alauddin attacked the fort and Rani Padmini performed Jauhar and Alauddin Khilji couldn’t see Rani Padmini.

Some of the rulers of Chittaurgarh:

  1. Rana Kumbha.
  2. Rana Sangha.
  3. Rana Rattan Singh.
  4. Rani Padmini
  5. Maha Rana Partap

The architecture of Chittaurgarh fort:


Chittaurgarh fort is distributed among 700 acres and it has a circumference of 13 km.

Ganesh gate, Hanuman gate, Padan gate, Jodla gate, Bhairon gate, Lakshman gate, Ram gate, and the main gates are some of the gates. These gates protect from the enemy attack and elephants entering are protected by the arches. The wall is constructed using lime mortar and it rises to 500 meters above the wall. There are a total of 19 temples including Hindu and Jain temples, 20 water bodies. There are four memorials in total.

Some remarkable places to explore at Chittaurgarh:

●      CHITTAURGARH FORT – a symbol of valor:


Chittaurgarh Fort is a symbol of heroism and valor. The fort has an impressive grandeur and is known to be the most popular fort in Rajasthan and India.


It occupies a total of 7 gateways and various pools to swim in. The fort is standing tall as a representation of the values and virtues of Rajasthani kings and Queens. The fort holds at least 4 billion liters of water. Chittaurgarh Fort is a symbol of immense pride and impressive grandeur.



●      RANA KUMBHA PALACE – the palace named after the great warrior


Kumbha of Mewar or Rana Kumbha is known to be one of the princely rulers of the Mewar and Sisodia dynasties. He is known for his heroism as he defeated Muhammad khilji among the invaders who attacked Mewar.

Maharana Uday Singh was born in this palace. Rana Kumbha Palace is located in Chittaurgarh fort and Rani Padmini performed Jauhar in this palace along with the wives and children of other soldiers.



●      FATEH PRAKASH PALACE – the epitome of Modern architecture.


Fateh Prakash Palace is known to be named after Maharana Fateh Prakash. It is a beauty and epitome of modern architecture.


This era defines the love for art and paintings. An array of wall paintings are found here.

It is now considered to be the museum for Rajput history and depicts amazing architecture. It consists of some amazing wall paintings, sculptures, artifacts, etc.


Fatehpur Akash palace has served to be a great attraction for tourism and entices many tourists around the world.



●      PADMINI PALACE – the symbol of Queen Padmini’s impeccable beauty and intelligence.


Padmini Palace is located in the Chittaurgarh fort named after Queen Padmini. She was the wife of Rana Rattan Singh. She was remarkably skilled warrior and used to inspect the defenses of her palace when the fort was built by Alauddin Khilji.

Art and music were read immensely during the reign of Rana Ratan Singh. Palace Walls was adorned by wall paintings and amazing structures.

How to reach Chittaurgarh Fort:


Chittaurgarh Fort is located 300 km far away from Jaipur, it is 200 km away from Udaipur and Jodhpur is 312km. You can hire a taxi from Udaipur. It will take you 2 hours to reach there.



Best time to visit Chittaurgarh:


Chittaurgarh Fort is open on all days however the museum is closed on Mondays. The time to visit Chittaurgarh round the clock is during October and March. You can cover the fort very easily as the weather is cool.

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