Jhunjhunu City

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The ancient town of jhunjhun is quite different from type other states in the Rajasthan. 

what’s the most amazing and known spot here? 

This place is known for its largest gallery in the world for several beauties being captured. Being most attractive surroundings, this place is greatly known for its shooting spot, for the famous Bollywood movies like Bajrangi Bhaijaan. This place is a town as well as a district and is known for its historical time when all the pandas’ hide their all the weapons. This city is in the northern state of Rajasthan. Come with me, have an excursion!!!

Some historical facts 

IN, ancient times it was ruled by Chauhans, Islamic rulers, and then finally by Shardul Singh on whose region is popularly known as Shekhawati.



Like all the areas of this region, jhunjhunu too has its share of painted Havelis to be well discovered.

Some of the recommended places are:

Modi heaven

this place is located at the main bazaar of the town. Once you enter through the ornate wooden gate with Ganesha on the top in saffron color, you will discover it was a typical Shekhawati haveli. here, the paintings and baithak are quite well maintained.

Tibrewal Haveli

This place is quite different from the others because their paintings are not as intricate or thematic as they are in most other Havelis. Their paintings are very different and a bit modern when we talk about colors they are quite global as compared to the Indian classics.

Nawalgarh Fort

this town is located at the Jhunjhunu state of Rajasthan. it lies 30 Kms from Sikar and 39 from Jhunjhunu

Anupgarh Fort

it is located in Sri Ganganagar district state near the Indian Pakistan border the river ghaggar flows through this place due to which this place is good for agriculture. This place was established by one of the Mughal emperors and have lost its beauty to the ravages of time but it evokes the interest of people who are studying history.


Teej ganguar, dessarah are some of the festivals celebrated in this area. The most unique festival celebrated there are the rani sati fer and Shekhawati festival.
Hindi is the official language but people here often speak in different Rajasthan dialects among them Shekhawati is the most common language.
people here follow Hinduism while some of them follow jenisim. Islam can be considered as a major religion too
Mostly you will be seeing men wearing trousers and women in sarees, during festival women usually wear traditional ghagra, choli while men in pajama or dhoti love religious some are the most popular song for this district. the most famous dance form of this place is Ghoomar which was being developed by the Bhiils while kalbelia was developed by a nomadic tribe of the same name.
kalbelia dance shows the impact of social change western dances have also taken place here


At the end, i would like to say that life is too short for fulfilling wishes so it’s time to have fun and explore these places. If you are a flexible traveler, you will have a better chance to have a look of its historical places. ANCIENT HISTORY FORM THE PART OF INDIAN MYTHOLOGY WITH AQN ANECDOTE THAT PANDAWAS, the heroes of the Mahabharata took baths and bathed their weapons, in the Surya khund. This place is catchy when you are going to visit here and learning about their facts. I will personally recommend you to visit this place.

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