Karauli – The Land of Red Stone

Karauli - The Land of Red Stones

Karauli is a beautiful small place in rajasthan sharing its border with madhya pradesh, and its area is being covered by the well known places like dausa, dholpur. The city has caught the tourist attentions through its beautiful views, historical havelis, is famous for its red stone it is also known for its historical point of view. According to the studies there are around 881 villages which are located there.it is also famous for its some famous spots like karauli forest, and kaili devi sanctuary.


According to the historical period the maharaja of karauli was considered as the head of the jadun clan of rajputs who ruled some of the cities like alwar. Around 1996 king named Kanwar Pal faced failure by losing all his teritories. Arjun Pal one of his descendant was able to get some of his ancestors land and was successfully able to found a city karauli. Do you think this is the end of history? No.   The city was once again was holded by force Mahmud 1 of Malwa and one of the Jaudan ruler,   Gopaldas was made the maharaja of karauli. In the foundation of Agra he played a crucial role.

During 18th century the city was under Maratha Empire until they were being defeated by the british and they legally sign a protectorate. After Independence in 1947 on 7th april 1949 the city merged with union of India and become part of the Rajasthan.


Famous Places

  1. Kaili Devi Temple

Distance- 25kms

Built in: 1100AD

Famous for: known for the nine shakti peethas of deity.

  1. Ramathra Fort

Famous for its area of peace and tranquillity.

  1. City Palace

Built in 14th century by Arjun Pal.Famous for its colours like red with off white.

  1. Dev Giri Fort

Situated in triangular peak of Aravallis,Built by Raja Arjun dev.

  1. Gufa Temple

Gufa’s are famous in the whole world.Known as original temple of kaili devi.

How can you travel?

Through road by bus, car or any means transport:

Through rail at gangapur railway station from metropolitics cities like Delhi Mumbai.

Through air at Jaipur airport connected to Delhi and Mumbai.


According to my opinion a visit to this red sandstone city will not only help you to known about their historical facts but also  geographical. You can have a proper look on geographical facts about the stones their features, colours. Our old generations prefer this type of places to know its religious prospective also because we all know what india is best known for?for its religion belief without our culture or religion there will always a missing fact about that place. These type of places have helped a lot of people to get out their emotional or depressing stage just because of its peace and transquility.so let’s end here and pack our bags and explore such cities.

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