Ladpura – The Silicon City


As we all have taken a very brief tour at different places of Rajasthan!!!!So why to forget about ladpura?



It is a place which is situated in the very well known district of Rajasthan i.e. Nagpur district. according to the studies of different specialist it had came to know that around 2600 people lives here having population of  52 percent of male and 48 percent of female.

This city is the part of the  kota. mostly people prefer to speak Hindi and Urdu here .


It is a medium size village there are a lot of ways through which we can travel whether it is through rails or through road .government centers are also been provided for the medical  facilities. The local language of this area is Gujrati. This village also has great educational facilities like schools and colleges having great facilities for teaching and studying.

Historical places

Raj Arjun Singh Ji Kunadi, son of Raj JAIT SINGH II, 6th Raj of Delwara.

Jag Mandir is a 17th-century palace and it was built by the queen of Kota. It is located in the middle of Kishore Sagar Lake.

Seven wonders of world.

This park is one of the most famous places in Kota city and it is located on the bank of Kishore Sagar Lake. 


 In the end I would like to say that this place is such a charming place where you can have enjoy the natural beauty, people are here very helpful land supportive.

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