Popularly known as the most romantic city all over the world established in the year 1553,Udaipur is the city which is well known for its tourist attraction, culture, history. It was founded by one of the most known king Maharana Partap. It is located on the Southern End of the Aravalli Ranges. It is also famously known as the city of lakes because of its worldly beautiful lake system .It is considered as one of the southern biggest city in the world. It is known as the white palace of India, because there are a lot of pretty Raj put palaces decorated with white marble all around the lake.


The best time to visit Udaipur is from October to March where the temperature are moderate. The temperature here depends on the type of climate. During summer, the temperature here varies from 40 degree Celsius and in winter the temperature here varies from 3 degree Celsius. If you are planning to visit Udaipur during rainfalls it would be better to avoid as it is unpleasant.


The most popularly language which is spoken by people here are:


Udaipur has a history related to a king Maharana Udai   Singh and Mahrana Partap as they founded the city of lake, Udaipur. He founded Udaipur after his citadel of Chittorgarh was sacked by Mughal emperor Akbar. It was once said that Udai singh was protected by a holy man on the hills to built   his capital on this port. Udaipur was the capital of Mewar till it become the princely state of British in 1818. King of Udaipur handed the city over to the Government of India when India achieved its independence in 1947. 



City place built  in –started in 1559 till 18th century.

Location- on the banks of lake pichola

Structural system: Marble


  • one of most romantic place in Rajasthan.
  • built by Maharaja Jagat Singh.
  • operated by Taj group.
  • boating can be done  with beautiful nature. 
    1. lovely destination for honeymoon or weekend vacations.
    2.  One of the most important heritage of India 17th century palace.
    3. located on lake pichola.
    4. divisions like –
      • Garden courtyard
      • Gul Mahal
      • Darikhana
      • Bara Patharon ka mahal
      • kunwar pada ka mahalZenana mahal


City of lakes is best known for its culture. The city is being gifted by its rituals and palaces. to enhance its cultural richness folk dance and music plays a vital role in this. This city is known for its Ghoomar dance (part of the Mewar Region of Rajasthan).While performing this dance Women move gracefully in circles .Other famous dances of this place are kalebia (sensuous dance), Kachchhi Gondi(men in their costumes rides with their decorated horses.

Mostly played instruments for music consist mainly use of Morchang, tanpura and Sarangi.

Paintings are also well known under the region of Rajasthan mostly Miniature. These are done mostly on walls and through folk in style.

Udaipur is the destination best known for organizing various national and international cultural events.

For example In 2016, they hosted a World Music Festival included more than 12 countries

Their most famous festival is gangaur festival where Gam refer for lord Shiva and Gaur refer for Goddess Parvati. This is celebrated mostly by those women who seek the blessings of goddess ,while the married women pray for the good health of their husbands .

The traditional wear of Udaipur for men is angarakha ( an upper garment) and Dhoti or pajama and for women there is kurti top with Ghaghra (skirt)

Udaipur is known for the handicrafts, silver arts, handloom products and especially its crafts bazaars which is also the one of the reason for its increase in economy.


According to me, people should definitely visit the   beautiful city of palaces and rivers. It is one of the refined city of India. A lot of youth generation  forget the   beauty of natural era which was created in the Mughal time. A lot of people including me wishes to experience the beauty of palaces in which Destination weddings take place. Udaipur is known for keeping its royalty since the Mughal time among Indians and other foreigners. People wish to go there to experience the royal life as many big forts and palaces are converted into lavish hotels .So let explore this beauty!!!!
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